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Frame & Box™ - Email Course

Sign up for my email course and jumpstart your new product development


If you’re looking to jumpstart your problem-solving and your new product development process, then this 100% FREE email course is for you! 


Meet Frame & Box™, Your Secret to Fast and Predictive Product Development

Through 5 short emails, this course will introduce you to Frame & Box™ - a versatile problem-solving method that is based on learnings from years of experimentation with other processes like Google Design Sprint, Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving Process, and the Scientific Method.

By using the strategies and tactics you learn in this course, you’ll be able to drive guaranteed results fast, regardless of the problem. This incredibly simple yet powerful method can be used to:

  • solve a hard engineering problem,
  • kick off a project for a new product,
  • find new business opportunities,
  • design a strategy or program,
  • unstick a team or project,
  • make a tough decision, or
  • get teams to work better together.


What This Email Course Includes

To sign up for the course, just enter your email address below. No credit card required.

Upon signing up, you’ll receive a short series of emails that will walk you through the Frame & Box™ method. When put into practice, you will be able to organize your product development and innovation efforts in the most useful ways for speed and accuracy.

BONUS: In the last email, you’ll also receive a special surprise - my gift to you to ensure your continued success. 


The emails will cover the following:


framingproblem invert 01

Framing the Problem

How to define the problem and any related factors so that you can find the right solution.

CreatingBox invert 01

Designing your Box

What it looks like to create the box you’ll play in when building your solutions.


Workshop invert 01

Running a Workshop

How to run a Frame & Box workshop to accelerate your problem solving.