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Innovation and NPD Process Improvement

Marry the talents and knowledge of your employees with proven frameworks to design the most efficient process for your company to achieve challenging business goals. 


Accelerate New Product Development

If you are a product manager looking to drive results, the contents of this 3-part digital book will help you stand out while making better products, faster.

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About Shashank

My love for building things started when I was 9 years old, when I built a kennel in anticipation of my first dog out of scrap wood and Scotch tape. While the results were less than spectacular, the joy I saw in my brother's eyes when I'd put it all together sparked in me a pursuit of making things for others to enjoy.

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Testimonials Still

“Shashank has a true passion for driving innovation in a variety of environments, from small startup organizations to multi-billion dollar established companies.

His process brings an energy that is focused on stretching a team to elevate the best ideas and getting to the results an organization is ultimately looking for. This works to drive not only the process, but also a culture of innovation within an organization."

"Shashank is really incredible. It’s rare to find someone who has taken the very best of theory and applied it successfully in actual practice. Shashank has done just that. From Strategy, Design Thinking, Jobs to be Done, Design Sprints, Lean Startup and so much more - Shashank has combined these into repeatable processes. Applied in startups, new product launches, coaching teams, and building corporate innovation capacity across multiple product lines…Shashank brings an incredible mind and a wealth of experience to everything he does. Highly recommend."

"He was able to assist in helping us identify some of our unknown unknowns - a big deal for startups - and provide some high-level analysis regarding our opportunities in presenting the product value proposition and its market advantages. This alone probably saved us months - at least. The response to the product and presentation shifted for the better from that point, and Shashank is largely - if not entirely - to thank for it."

Innovation and NPD Consulting

Build better, faster.

Please contact me to find out how I can help your company optimize your innovation and new product development processes and cater them to achieve your business and culture goals.